Welcome to Steem Ocean

Steam Ocean provides insights and services that help users of the Steem blockchain safely navigate the high seas of Steem! Steem is both a public blockchain technology, a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) and the foundation for many social/community websites which reward their users with payment in exchange for their posts. The original site for Steem users is Steemit.com, but others exist too with various styles and missions.

A Guide To Vote Ranking

Steam Ocean currently offers ranking tools which are based on analysis of the voting patterns of all users of the Steem eco-system. Each user is awarded a ranking score based on their benevolence which gives a new way to get to know the people you meet on Steemit and other related sites. The vote ranks provide a way to see how your friends (and not friends) approach their use of Steem and in particular to see how willing they are to support others.

Boosts are given to users who vote more for other users than for themselves, plus who have a high total vote value and also who vote for a wide spread of accounts. An initial index score is generated and is then weighted in order to make the results useful. The weighting may change from time to time in response to changes to the Steem system and feedback provided by users.

Only users who have voted on the Steem blockchain in the time period specified on each page of the site will be counted in the rank tables. The time period ends 1 week prior to the current date to ensure that only posts are considered which have paid out their reward payment - which is necessary to accurately calculate the value of each vote, which is a measurement that is taken into consideration when calculating the rank table. Only votes from a relatively short time period are analysed due to the large amount of data involved and also to ensure the ranks stay relevant and give users a chance to change their ways (if they want to) and to climb the ranks by helping others with upvotes.

Ignored Accounts/Bots

Accounts are ignored that are known to sell votes or whose voting patterns can be seen to involve a blind spread of voting that has no assessment involved of the quality of the posts being upvoted. For example, an account that operates as a 'bid bot' will generate large numbers of votes constantly, without any regard at all for who the recipient is. this does not denote generosity, but rather it is a business model intended to generate profit. Another example is that of accounts which automatically upvote user's posts in response to them using an app or service since, again, this does not denote any kind of generosity, but is instead intended only to further the expansion goals of the app/service.

Accounts that are ignored are omitted from the vote rank results since they have an unfair advantage and will skew the rank results - reducing the usefulness of the index. You can view the current lists of ignored accounts here.