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Data period: 03-12-2018 - 08-12-2018.

Vote Rank #: 49064
Score: 0.327297
% of Self-Votes: 100%
Top Category: writing (12)

Steem Power: 16091.958
+ Delegated IN: 9.046
- Delegated OUT: 11051.475
Effective SP: 5049.529
Vote Counts
# Accounts Voted For3
Up-Votes Made13
Down-Votes Made0
Vote Values
Total Value of Votes Made (SBD)$1.087
Vote Value To Authors - inc. Self-Votes (SBD)$0.926
Vote Value to Curators (SBD)$0.161
Value of Self-Votes (SBD)$1.087
Value of Votes for Others (SBD)$0
Reputations Voted For
0-25 Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
25-50 Rep. Accounts Voted For2 (15.38%)
50-75 Rep. Accounts Voted For13 (100%)
75+ Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
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AuthorCategoriesNET # of Votes (+/-)Total Payout (SBD)This Vote's Payout %Value To Author (SBD)Value To Curators (SBD)Vote Value (SBD)Author Reputation
12018-12-08 07:17:30@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories37$1.9525.81%$0.092$0.022$0.11374.328
22018-12-08 07:09:03@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories28$0.40626.16%$0.093$0.013$0.10674.328
32018-12-07 07:23:27@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories28$0.41724.92%$0.091$0.013$0.10474.328
42018-12-07 07:05:21@verifymeverifyme, random-upvote1$0100%$0$0$047.889
52018-12-07 07:00:57@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories31$0.45922.97%$0.093$0.013$0.10574.328
62018-12-07 00:29:45@botefarmwriting1$0100%$0$0$058.941
72018-12-06 06:11:39@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories21$0.82413.38%$0.092$0.019$0.1174.328
82018-12-06 06:00:45@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories25$0.41725.75%$0.093$0.014$0.10774.328
92018-12-05 07:31:30@brightsunwriting1$0100%$0$0$043.902
102018-12-05 05:02:36@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories46$1.3798.24%$0.092$0.022$0.11474.328
112018-12-05 04:57:21@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories18$0.43924.69%$0.094$0.015$0.10874.328
122018-12-04 05:40:45@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories29$0.64716.73%$0.093$0.016$0.10874.328
132018-12-04 05:26:57@alexbeymanwriting, books, horror, scifi, stories39$0.58318.86%$0.094$0.016$0.1174.328