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Data period: 10-08-2019 - 15-08-2019.

Vote Rank #: 24206
Score: 58.6646
% of Self-Votes: 0%
Top Category: palnet (4)

Steem Power: 5.559
+ Delegated IN: 0
- Delegated OUT: 0
Effective SP: 5.559
Vote Counts
# Accounts Voted For7
Up-Votes Made9
Down-Votes Made0
Vote Values
Total Value of Votes Made (SBD)$0
Vote Value To Authors - inc. Self-Votes (SBD)$0
Vote Value to Curators (SBD)$0
Value of Self-Votes (SBD)$0
Value of Votes for Others (SBD)$0
Reputations Voted For
0-25 Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
25-50 Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
50-75 Rep. Accounts Voted For8 (88.89%)
75+ Rep. Accounts Voted For1 (11.11%)
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AuthorCategoriesNET # of Votes (+/-)Total Payout (SBD)This Vote's Payout %Value To Author (SBD)Value To Curators (SBD)Vote Value (SBD)Author Reputation
12019-08-15 09:35:18@jerrybanfieldblog2social, hiringfreelancers, instagramposting, instagramvideo, tutorial846$0.7620.01%$0$0$074.771
22019-08-15 05:10:15@steemsports-esfutbol, neymar, sports, steemsports, steemsports-es1493$43.3280%$0$0$069.216
32019-08-14 03:50:12@dleasedlease, buildteam, steemleo, palnet, steem1506$43.4110%$0$0$068.988
42019-08-14 02:05:51@minnowsupportcuration, palnet, palcoin, minnowsupport, msp650$6.4410%$0$0$069.709
52019-08-12 23:10:12@buildteambuildteam, steem, steemleo, palnet, finance1496$45.3380%$0$0$071.329
62019-08-12 17:30:15@jerrybanfield2danimationcourse, moho, mohoanimationcourse, whatismoho837$0.7230.01%$0$0$074.771
72019-08-11 22:50:12@btuniversebtuniverse, cryptocurrency, easycrypto, steemleo, palnet1434$44.4420%$0$0$068.273
82019-08-11 04:20:12@steemsportssteemsports, sports1485$42.9480%$0$0$079.717
92019-08-11 02:05:15@jerrybanfieldhelpothers, life, loveyourself, pastlife, reincarnation871$0.7960.01%$0$0$074.771