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Data period: 06-08-2019 - 11-08-2019.

Vote Rank #: 25538
Score: 58.4234
% of Self-Votes: 0%
Top Category: news (8)

Steem Power: 16.826
+ Delegated IN: 0
- Delegated OUT: 10.225
Effective SP: 6.601
Vote Counts
# Accounts Voted For5
Up-Votes Made17
Down-Votes Made0
Vote Values
Total Value of Votes Made (SBD)$0.001
Vote Value To Authors - inc. Self-Votes (SBD)$0
Vote Value to Curators (SBD)$0
Value of Self-Votes (SBD)$0
Value of Votes for Others (SBD)$0.001
Reputations Voted For
0-25 Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
25-50 Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
50-75 Rep. Accounts Voted For15 (88.24%)
75+ Rep. Accounts Voted For2 (11.76%)
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AuthorCategoriesNET # of Votes (+/-)Total Payout (SBD)This Vote's Payout %Value To Author (SBD)Value To Curators (SBD)Vote Value (SBD)Author Reputation
12019-08-10 04:05:24@theouterlightdtube, palnet153$0.4210.01%$0$0$072.216
22019-08-10 03:56:12@theouterlightthreespeak, epstein, court, docs, maxwell, palnet200$7.3580%$0$0$072.216
32019-08-10 02:28:30@crypt0cryptonews, cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum124$2.3670%$0$0$074.514
42019-08-10 01:53:12@crypt0cryptocurrency, ethereum, blockchain, bitcoin, vlog140$0.7620%$0$0$074.514
52019-08-09 04:33:33@theouterlightdtube, news175$0.0380%$0$0$072.216
62019-08-09 04:26:42@theouterlightthreespeak, news, palnet200$5.2250%$0$0$072.216
72019-08-08 15:48:09@dollarvigilanteeconomics, news, libertarian, books, ubi242$2.0190%$0$0$075.978
82019-08-08 03:26:42@crypt0cryptonews, cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum137$1.0640%$0$0$074.514
92019-08-08 03:12:03@theouterlightdtube, news173$00%$0$0$072.216
102019-08-08 03:04:12@theouterlightthreespeak, news, palnet191$7.170%$0$0$072.216
112019-08-07 18:48:51@crypt0cryptonews, cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum136$0.8960%$0$0$074.514
122019-08-07 02:26:15@theouterlightdtube, news154$1.8810%$0$0$072.216
132019-08-07 02:20:15@theouterlightthreespeak, ufo, news, palnet172$5.2380%$0$0$072.216
142019-08-07 00:35:45@art.visualsdtube, vlog1312$14.1580%$0$0$067.081
152019-08-07 00:14:06@crypt0cryptocurrency, crypto-news, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum89$0.5430%$0$0$074.514
162019-08-06 23:37:54@dollarvigilantecryptocurrency, bitcoin, news, trump, games275$13.9880%$0$0$075.978
172019-08-06 18:00:45@patrickulrichdlike, dlike-sports, sportstalk, kentucky, unc, sec, acc, basketball, nccamcb134$2.010%$0$0$065.289