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Data period: 10-08-2019 - 15-08-2019.

Vote Rank #: 15592
Score: 58.7486
% of Self-Votes: 0%
Top Category: steem (4)

Steem Power: 0
+ Delegated IN: 5.028
- Delegated OUT: 0
Effective SP: 5.028
Vote Counts
# Accounts Voted For10
Up-Votes Made10
Down-Votes Made0
Vote Values
Total Value of Votes Made (SBD)$0
Vote Value To Authors - inc. Self-Votes (SBD)$0
Vote Value to Curators (SBD)$0
Value of Self-Votes (SBD)$0
Value of Votes for Others (SBD)$0
Reputations Voted For
0-25 Rep. Accounts Voted For2 (20%)
25-50 Rep. Accounts Voted For5 (50%)
50-75 Rep. Accounts Voted For10 (100%)
75+ Rep. Accounts Voted For0 (0%)
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AuthorCategoriesNET # of Votes (+/-)Total Payout (SBD)This Vote's Payout %Value To Author (SBD)Value To Curators (SBD)Vote Value (SBD)Author Reputation
12019-08-12 20:00:18@sorin.cristescubitcoin, blockchain, politics, society, steemromania544$208.9610%$0$0$071.802
22019-08-12 19:54:21@steemhuntreviewhunt, steemhunt, smt, steem, cryptocurrency305$30.9050%$0$0$073.145
32019-08-12 13:29:39@paulinfinity8tech, exchange, steemdaily, blockchain2$048.64%$0$0$030.329
42019-08-12 13:23:39@theycallmedannoonies, contest, socialnetworkoftheyear, govote, steemit645$69.3880%$0$0$071.612
52019-08-12 13:23:03@simonjaysteemit, blockchain, crypto-news, cryptocurrency, steem59$1.0780%$0$0$067.506
62019-08-11 11:26:15@bamosphoto, i, ru56$0.2080.02%$0$0$040.803
72019-08-11 11:20:57@javiersebastianpalnet, actnearn, zzan, photocircle, photography, neoxian, marlians, sct, creativecoin, photofeed37$8.3670%$0$0$061.944
82019-08-11 11:20:33@girls-tipspersephone, art, spanish, history, love3$011.61%$0$0$016.599
92019-08-11 11:20:09@ricki2000partiko, steemit, steem, dtube, referral, partiko12$0.0240.17%$0$0$041.52
102019-08-11 11:17:57@steem.marketingsteemit, steem, morpheuslabs, bpaas514$34.0090%$0$0$063.894