This site uses an indexing system for the Steem blockchain (as used by,, D.Tube & other sites that access the Steem blockchain.) which looks at voting patterns and ranks users by their ability and willingness to upvote others users.

To learn more about how the ranks are calculated, visit the about page.
You can view the ranking table to get into the details or view individual accounts using the voter page.

Data is based on voting activity of 48088 users.
Data period: 08-07-2019 - 13-07-2019.

Total Vote Value (SBD) Total Author Vote Value (SBD) Total Curator Vote Value (SBD) Total Self-Vote Value (SBD) Avg. Total Vote Value (SBD) Avg. Total Self Vote Value (SBD) Avg. Total Accounts Voted For Avg. Self-Vote Percent

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# Of Accounts Voted For
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Last Indexed: 20-07-2019 09:05:46 (GMT)